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The Life Skills Academy (LSA) Program is the flagship program of AASuccess. In this program, deserving students ranging among seventh graders, high school students, college students, and post-college students enter our program to learn important life skills as well as hard and soft skills that prepare them for rewarding professional careers and productive lives of citizenship.

The goal of the LSA Program is to help students enhance their individual approaches to academic work, career development, and other challenges in life. With help from our Business Support Community network, AASuccess provides students with funding, internship opportunities, coaching, and other critical resources to develop and accomplish our student- and community-focused mission.

Our vision is to create a self-sustainable learning environment based on mutual trust and respect, where mentors, young professionals, and students learn from one another and comfortably exchange valuable resources. We want students to succeed in life. We accomplish this by addressing a host of issues, including: self-discipline, prudent decision-making, leadership, management, self-esteem, accountability, as well as physical and emotional health.



Courses offered by the LSA Program are sponsored and taught by trained mentors, all of whom are volunteer active professionals and managers. They provide personal training and career development opportunities to qualified students.

Each course seeks to promote critical thinking and collaboration among AASuccess students. Courses cover subjects ranging from basic communication to advanced technical skills. Students will participate in the program until they graduate from the program they take part in, but are encouraged to stay until they become productive and civic-minded professionals. 

The course offerings are organized based on the levels and colors:



  • Balancing multiple cultures and languages: Many students often struggle with English and bridging the cross-cultural divide. They need confidence, in addition to both hard and soft skills, to use their voices effectively in the community and at home.
  • Offering resources: Many students don’t have connections and resources to establish themselves in the business community.

  • Providing skills for meaningful employment: Since 2007, LSA programs have grown to include life skills development, job training, as well as internship and other professional opportunities for both high school and college students.
  • Maximizing supports: AASuccess’ strategies revolve around integrating its students into an inter-generational support community comprised of senior citizens, business owners, working professionals, public officials, non-profit organizations, and representatives from the education community.
  • Perfecting the Act of Giving back: Everyone involved in AASuccess operates and succeeds pursuant to the circle of giving of one’s self to a community effort and in return being helped themselves by the AASuccess community.


  • “The mentors are very caring and helpful with my problems. I’m more confident in public speaking, responsible for my work, and comfortable talking to new people.”

    Billy Nguyen
    Billy Nguyen people.” — Billy N., 12th grade at Falls Church High School
  • “I volunteer because I want to help our younger members learn and flourish as I did when I was in high school. It’s extremely rewarding to work with our members who earnestly work to grow and help our community.”

    Nini Nguyen
    Nini Nguyen Nini N., Senior at James Madison University, LSA alumna
  • “I enjoy helping our members, and they help me see perspectives and improve my communication. They all have strengths but need to be encouraged. It’s amazing to see their growth.”

    Cho Kiu Wan
    Cho Kiu Wan Chokiu W., Mentor since 2013
  • LSA program provides an opportunity to develop a life-time skill to the students who come from our underserved community. From the program, they develop focus, discipline, and integrity at crucial times in their lives.

    Jane Pan
    Jane Pan Executive Director of HBI-DC, AASuccess BSC Partner


Students are encouraged to look through the catalogue of course offerings and discuss their interests upon acceptance to the Life Skills Academy.

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