The Life Skills Academy (LSA) is the flagship program of AASuccess.

Through the LSA, students ranging from eighth graders to college students learn important life skills that prepare them for rewarding professional careers and productive lives of citizenship.

Chasing Dreams

When I joined AASuccess in 2007,

I had no idea that I was inadvertently stepping into a journey that would influence nearly every aspect of my professional and personal development. I started out getting involved with many of AASuccess’ earliest projects, where I received much guidance from the professionals who played an enormous role in my growth. The extensive and personalized life skills coaching I received was especially impactful in not only helping me define my goals and world view, but also in guiding me through every step of the way.

My experience with AASuccess as an undergraduate inspired me to step up within my university’s community where I’ve held several leadership positions until I graduated in 2011. Today, I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University while working full time in the field of intellectual property. I am certain that if it weren’t for AASuccess and LSA, I would be a far different person than I am now.

Byron Cheon