Balancing multiple cultures and languages

Many students often struggle with English and bridging the cross-cultural divide. They need confidence, in addition to both hard and soft skills, to use their voices effectively in the community and at home.

In addition, many students don’t have connections and resources to establish themselves in the business community.

Life skills quality initiatives

Since 2007, LSA programs have grown to include life skills development, job training, as well as internship and other professional opportunities for both high school and college students.

A new direction
Our goals shifted towards enabling students to succeed in all aspects of life and providing lifelong leadership development opportunities. AASuccess' strategies revolve around integrating its students into an inter-generational support community comprised of senior citizens, business owners, working professionals, public officials, non-profit organizations, and representatives from the education community.
The Act of Giving Back
Everyone involved in AASuccess operates and succeeds pursuant to the circle of giving of one's self to a community effort and in return being helped themselves by the AASuccess community.

Throughout the past few years, we were able to achieve positive change by addressing a host of issues for our students including: self-discipline, stress management, accountability, citizenship, self-esteem, leadership skills, physical and emotional health, and prudent decision-making.

These are necessary resources needed to deal with young students and professionals who are trying to balance family expectations and personal goals.

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