We have made great strides toward fulfilling our vision of creating a sustainable learning environment between students, skills mentors and life skills coaches. In line with our mission to foster ethical and humanitarian values in our students and the quest for student success, our strategic plan focuses on developing students success with life skills quality initiatives, e.g., job readiness training programs, entrepreneurships for alumni, and quarterly life skills assessment for all LSA enrolled students.
There have been many changes to the office and quality initiatives this past year to better meet the needs of our students, volunteer mentors and key business support partners. We thank you for your ongoing support and we are looking forward to another, even better year.
Dave Nguyen
AASuccess Founder & Executive Coach
We invite you to review our objectives below
to see how you can help these students succeed in life.
LSA Learning Objectives
Student Levels
How you can help
• Cultural Competency
• Emotional Intelligence
• Health & Wellness
• Technical Writing & Editing
• Presentation Skills & Techniques
• College Applications
Jr. High
High School
• Become Skills Mentors (Life or Technical)
• Present Seminars on:
- Time Management
- Effective Communication (Oral & Written)
- Speaking
- College Preparation
• Dynamic & Winning
• Communication Skills
• Business Communication (Oral & Written)
• Speech Writing & Technical
• Presentations
• Offer Real-World Internships & Apprenticeships
• Present Seminars on:
- STEM & Business Applications
- Project Management
- Financial Planning & Investmen
• Business Strategy & Operations
• Financial Planning & Investment
• Marketing, Branding, Sales
• Advocacy (Public & Community)
Post­- College
• Provide Practical, Technical Skills Mentoring
• Present Seminars on:
- Leadership & Management Essentials
- Marketing & Sales (Strategy & Techniques)
- Advocacy (Public & Community)
Become a mentor, guest speaker, or partner today!
Please send an email with the subject line "Volunteer" to information@aasuccess.org.
Let us know your name, contact information, and how we can together improve the Life Skills Academy at AASuccess!

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