To foster ethical and humanitarian values in our students while empowering them to achieve personal, academic, professional, and civic fulfillment
Our commitment to student success is explicit in our name.
Every interaction we have with our students is geared towards ensuring their continuing growth in both academic work and their pursuit of new interest and ideas. With our goal of connecting students to life skills, live projects relevant to their soft and technical skills-related goals, and initiatives that add meaning to their AASuccess experience, we approach the concept of success from a holistic perspective.
• To develop, educate and mentor our students through their involvement with community-based programs that foster ethical, intellectual and social development
• To create a self-sustainable learning environment between professional mentors, coaches and students based on mutual trust and respect
• To empower our students to become future leaders, responsible citizens, and agents for positive change
AASuccess' early years

April 2006


AASuccess was created by Dave Nguyen, Irina Nguyen, David Montanari, Sumesh Kaushal, and Malou Gemeniano to promote volunteer activities and host an annual scholarship program.

AASuccess' first scholarship


However, the scope of our core programs soon grew to include life skills development, as well as internship and other professional opportunities.



In the same year, AASuccess established a life skills academy and job training center for both high school and college students.

2014 - A Momentous Year


These outside stakeholders are excited about our direction and have pledged their support with volunteer time and collaborative work in either business or job-training programs.


There have been many changes to the office and quality initiatives this past year to better meet the needs of our students, volunteer mentors and key business support partners.

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