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Providing continued personal
training & career development
With our goal of connecting students to life skills, live projects relevant to their soft and technical skills-related goals, and initiatives that add meaning to their AASuccess experience, we approach the concept of success from a holistic perspective.
AASuccess founded the Life Skills Academy, a structured curriculum that strives to strengthen our students' academic records and develop their leadership skills. We aim to foster an ethical, intellectual, and social environment that will enable our students to succeed in their academic and professional life.
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We empower our students to become future leaders, responsible citizens, and agents for positive change. We founded the Arc360 Civic Projects, which allows students to lead, collaborate, and apply their skills on community-based projects with guidance from their mentors.
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When the students become established professionals, we hope they will complete the cycle of giving back, by returning to AASuccess to support our organization and provide mentorships and career opportunities to other students.
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AASuccess is supported by a network of professional volunteers and community businesses, known as the Business Support Community (BSC) Partners. Through networking and our BSC Partners, we help students explore various careers via paid and non-paid internships, externships, and apprenticeships.
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I would describe AASuccess as a life-changing experience. – Nini Nguyen

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