LSA / Level 3 Program – Life Skills Success


Students who enter Life Skills Success will be provided with an overview of general theories and opportunities for practical life experiences, career explorations, and soft-skills developments. Students in this level will learn compassion and respect, tips for successful leadership and project management, public speaking skills, polished mannerism and etiquette, relationship case studies, and how to measure growths – via both real-world career related activities and Arc360 Civics Projects. Life Skills Success will help students foster ethical, intellectual, cultural, and social development.

• Successfully complete all LSA1.x through LSA2.x, as applicable.

• Gain passing scores from the three-part assessment in Level 1: Self Evaluation, Coach Assessed Evaluation, and Written Exam.

• Commit to at least forty (40) weeks to participate in weekly sessions that are four to five (4-5) hours long on each Saturday.

• Engage actively in weekly sessions and on assigned projects, assignments and tasks.

• Complete reflection exercises and task activities by the assigned due dates.

• Complete all ten (10) Required Core Learning Modules *.

• Choose and complete at least four (4) elective seminars or workshops.

• Read recommended books and/or articles assigned by the Life Skills Coach.

• Upon completion of the required modules, students are expected to pass a three-part performance assessment: Self Evaluation, Coach Assessed Evaluation, and Written Exam.

* Each lesson is approximately one (1) hour in length, unless specified otherwise


Focus area:

  • Independent learning
  • Applying personal values criteria to choices
  • Long-term consequences of solutions to problems
  • Resiliency & Empathy
  • Applications of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)


  • Apply reasoning processes, individually and collaboratively, to take responsible action in families, workplaces, and communities.
  • Learn to efficiently analyze relationship skills, which form the basis for all relationships.
  • Learn to examine solutions for problems in team work, school, family, STEM & Business applications.
  • Learn about personal choices that impact others around the students.

AASuccess is fortunate to have many community connectors support our programs and services. In this module with an emphasis on advanced life skills training, including soft and hard skills, students will learn about core programs offered at AASuccess and utilize technology to access necessary resources. Technology may include but are not limited to the areas of: Advocacy, Invention & Innovation, Business, Information Technology, Health, Language, Business and Science.

Students will learn how to create project plans and tips on how to effectively communicate with team members. Students will also learn about their own leadership styles.

Students will learn how to apply practical experience when working on case studies or real world technology or business projects directed to execution challenges. Students will learn how to diagnose and remedy difficult execution issues.

In this module, students will learn how to engage others in a conversation without dominating the discussion. Students will learn how to use practical techniques to probe questions and answers that help them understand, seek, see and seize opportunities.

Students will analyze how their current journeys in life have shaped their way of thinking – in the context of a family, cultural understanding, and history.

This year-round module is designed to help students recognize and apply the power of emotions, distinguish between IQ and EQ, improve their emotional self-awareness, communicate with empathy, and better manage their emotions to enhance their effectiveness as individuals when experiencing changes in both the body and mind.

Students will utilize what has been learned in LSA3.4 – LSA3.6 to actively engage BSC Partners and AASuccess stakeholders in various career-oriented projects and/or STEM applications related topics. Students are expected to probe, devise, implement, and evaluate various ways to consistently and successfully communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.

This is a two-part module as a continuation of LSA1.10. This module is designed to fine tune the students’ techniques, e.g., diet & fitness, mindfulness guide, to help improve their fitness, body, and mind. Students will learn multiple approaches to overcome stress and everyday challenges, and thus, feel good and do well.

Students will learn how to use Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype, and other popular IT collaboration tools currently available to help manage communication among workgroups. Students will be expected to use these tools while enrolled in Life Skills Academy.

This module is for senior LSA students and AASuccess alumni. Students will learn to either prepare for first time home buying or wealth management. They will also have an opportunity to work with a Life Skills Coach to create their individual work plans.


Focus area:

  • Innovative Arts of Communication
  • Business & Finance
  • Multimedia
  • Fundraising, Investments & Liabilities
  • Human Resources

There’s an art to facilitating discussions and teaching others. Students will work with Life Skills Coaches who will provide practical tips on how to work with different age groups at different levels of understanding.

Embarrassing typos can be avoided in written works by mastering technical editing and proofreading skills. Students will work with a specialized Skills Coach who will teach them common mistakes to avoid.

Students will learn the basics of overcoming this fear by remembering practical tips from experienced presenters.

Students will learn practical skills to avoid embarrassing on-camera moments, making the spotlight seem natural.

Students will review financial policies and procedures and receive hands-on experience on how to maintain accounting records and record itemized expenses and income accordingly using MS Excel.

This module is for senior LSA students and AASuccess alumni. Students will learn about legal matters, insurance services, and rules on business marketing in both group and individual discussions. Students will also have an opportunity to work with a Life Skills Coach to create their individual work plans.

This module is for advanced learners. Students will learn how to use the functions of QuickBooks to manage organizational budgets, accounting and financial records, among other features. Students will learn how to run profit & loss reports, balance sheets, and year-end statements, among other financial reports.

Students interested in creating video clips will appreciate this introductory workshop that provides hands-on recording and editing activities. Students will learn how to create media projects to be aired on online social networking and/or video sharing sites. Final products will be aired on AASuccess channel.

Students interested in creating original artwork with still photography are invited to join this workshop and learn how to use photo editing and presentation software, such as MS Paint, MS Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop. Multiple sessions are available based on the availability of Skills Coaches.

Students will learn multiple fundraising strategies in this workshop and have an opportunity to help organize one for AASuccess.

This workshop focuses on how to systematically think and organize an idea that can potentially be implemented into a project or program. Students will learn how to create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) objectives, and design logic models in preparation for responding to a request for information (RFI) and/or a request for proposal (RFP).

Students will learn skills related to managing Human Resources (HR).

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