Leadership Circle

Board of Directors

A distinguished group of civic-minded business leaders and career professionals, each having the capacity to provide financial support and to make strategic decisions in leading, executing, and advancing the organization’s mission.

Public Service Committee

Business Support Community

  • Kim Thu Le
    Kim Thu Le Realtor Agent, Springhill Realty Group, Inc., CIPS
  • Tuyen Duong
    Tuyen Duong Advisor of the founder of AASuccess
  • Ba To Huynh
    Ba To Huynh AASToday Advisor
  • Trung Lam
    Trung Lam Strategy & Real Estate Advisor - BCLC Global
  • Kim-Ha Ly
    Kim-Ha Ly Asia Marketing Program Director - BCLC Global
  • Kieu-Thu Luu-Nguyen
    Kieu-Thu Luu-Nguyen Professional Accountant; Former Executive Producer of Vietnamese American Television
  • Dong Si Hoi
    Dong Si Hoi Grandmaster in Taekwondo & Hapkido - Chairman of Hapkido Dojo


  • Jing Ma
    Jing Ma CPA, Assurance Associate at PwC
  • Roane Noel
    Roane Noel Team Lead, USPTO
  • Ann Betoni
    Ann Betoni Volunteer
  • Tien Le
    Tien Le Data Steward at Fannie Mae

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