Direct donations applied to...
  • Rent

    $2,483 per month

  • Academy Lunch Program

    $400 per month

  • Branding

    $292 per month

  • Insurance & Tax Services

    $58 per month

  • IT Equipment & Software

    $312 per month

  • Life Skills Academy

    $554 per month

  • Office Supplies

    $130 per month

  • Utilities

    $75 per month

  • Community Projects

    $658  per month

Laying the Foundation
All of AASuccess’ financial resources have come from Sustaining Members, Business Support Community (BSC) Partners, and generous private donors, who believe in building a strong community foundation by giving direct support to the youth in our local communities.
What is the Sustaining Members Program (SMP)?
The Sustaining Members Program has been developed to provide a committed source of funding for the day-to-day operations of AASuccess.
By becoming a Sustaining Member,
You are showing your understanding of the long-term nature of our commitment to the students throughout both their high school and college years; as well as the necessity of having a dependable source of funding to ensure stability in the fulfillment of our mission.
Member Benefits
• Expanding your trusted resources via our SMP and BSC initiatives.
• Networking with current Business Support Community (BSC) Partners.
• Featuring your names and stories via our online outlets, including monthly newsletters and Web TV (for Sustaining Members with $1,000 minimum donation).
SMP is integral to the organization’s growth.
Most importantly, Sustaining Members care about AASuccess’ long-term development:
• 20s & 30s Going out group
• Charity Group of VA Affection
• Eden Center
• High Cloud Foundation
• Vietnamese Community of DC & MD & VA
• Mr. Dave Nguyen
• Mr. David Montinari
• Ms. Dieu Le
• Mr. Hung and Mrs. Michelle Hanh Le
• Mr. James Alstrum
• Mr. James Kelman
• Mr. Kevin Lee
• Dr. Linh Tran
• Mr. Michael Stramiello
• Mr. Dang Van Tran
• Mr. Scott Plein
• Mr. Son Pham
• Dr. Thanh Do
• Ms. Kieu Thu Luu Nguyen
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