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We approach the concept of success from a holistic perspective.
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Our curriculum strives to strengthen our students’ academic records and develop their leadership skills.




We empower our students to become future leaders, responsible citizens, and agents for positive change.




As students become established professionals, we hope they will complete the cycle of giving back.




AASuccess is supported by a network of professional volunteers and community businesses.

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What you will do.
You will work in groups of two to four teammates on real-world projects. These projects give you a broad perspective on personal and professional interactions, as well as the opportunity to train on technical skills.
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Explore your first program
You will begin the Life Skills Basics program with semi-intensive courses focusing on communication and reading skills. As you progress through LSA, you will learn more advance technical and life skills.

Students who enter Life Skills Basic will be provided with an overview of fundamental life skills and an introduction to learning concepts that will benefit them in real life environments. Students at this level will learn of community and culture, and learn to contrast the consequences of adequate and inadequate reasoning for self, family members, others. Life Skills Basic will help students assess personal values and goals, and demonstrate strategies for them to be responsible individuals at home, at school, at work and in various social and community settings arranged via AASuccess.

• Complete the AASuccess Life Skills Academy application below

• Attend an interview by an AASuccess Life Skills Coach.

• Successfully pass background and reference checks.

• Commit to at least forty (40) weeks to participate in weekly sessions that are four to five (4-5) hours long on each Saturday.

• Engage actively in weekly sessions and on assigned projects, assignments and tasks.

• Complete reflection exercises and task activities by the assigned due dates

• Complete all eleven (11) Required Core Learning Modules *.

• Choose and complete at least four (4) elective seminars or workshops.

• Read recommended books and/or articles assigned by the Life Skills Coach.

• Upon completion of the required modules, students are expected to pass a three-part performance assessment: Self Evaluation, Coach Assessed Evaluation, and Written Exam.

* Each lesson is approximately one (1) hour in length, unless specified otherwise.

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You will receive a confirmation from the Life Skills Academy team within two weeks.
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